Exclusive Ballooning, established in 1999 is the leading aerial marketing specialist in the world.

Operating up to fifty hot air balloons each year for clients over every continent and famed for taking balloons to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks including Buckingham Palace in London, Rockefeller Park in New York, The Coliseum in Rome, The Palm in Dubai, Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and UNDER Tower Bridge in London for Disney.

After becoming established as the world leader in aerial marketing, Exclusive Ballooning began organising dedicated hot air balloon events. These events grew so rapidly and were quickly established as annual fixtures, that Exclusive Balloon Events was born.

Now the proud organisers of some of the most prominent annual balloon events, including:

  • The RICOH Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta®; which sees up to fifty hot air balloons fly over central London each year to raise money and awareness for The Lord Mayor’s Appeal charities and has raised over £175,000 to date.
  • Sky Safari; a hot air balloon festival held at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire. In 2017, only the event’s second year, this became the largest annual hot air balloon event in the UK. 2018 saw the event break a UK record, with 169 different hot air balloons launching in a single mass ascent.
  • Balloon Cross Channel; in April 2017 82 hot air balloons took off from Lydden Hill Race Circuit and flew across the English Channel, landing in Calais and breaking the existing Guinness World Record.
  • Balloons On The Beach; brand new events at Weston-super-Mare beach. A mass ascent is set to take place in the evenings of the Weston Air Festival and Weston-super-Glow will be a spectacular night glow, with balloons lined up on the beach, lighting up to a dedicated and fully choreographed musical soundtrack.

Balloons On The Beach
On 2nd June 2018, Exclusive Ballooning launched the first ever hot air balloon from the foot of the Grand Pier on Weston-super-Mare beach front.

After much collaboration with North Somerset Council, Exclusive Ballooning secured unique permission for a one off flight from the seafront. As the organisers of the Sky Safari Balloon Festival, Exclusive Ballooning also operates the stunning Longleat Lion balloon known as Simbaloo.

Beach goers were delighted to see the giant special shape Lion being inflated on the beach and then launching with the Grand Pier in the background and heading over the promenade and inland.

Drifting over Worle, Simbaloo greeted many surprised locals who were enjoying a BBQ in the Saturday evening sun and then landed safely in Castle Batch Park to the delight of those in the area.

This flight was such a success, Exclusive Ballooning returned to the beach several weeks later and on the Sunday evening of the Weston Air Festival, made further history but launching the first mass ascents from Weston seafront, with six hot air balloons, including two special shape penguins and one lion, floating over the sands.

Following these two hugely successful flights, Exclusive Balloon Events announced Balloons On The Beach.